Designer van der Waals hetero-structures

Atomically sharp interfaces are formed between vdW materials. Electronic coupling between the layers can be controlled through crystallographic orientation and inter-layer potential. Here, f.e. coexistence of the quantum Hall effect and superconductivity can be achieved in hybrid graphene/NbSe2 hetero-structures.

Precision measurement

Nano-scale thermal measurements of hot electrons in graphene through simultaneous confocal laser heating and wide bandwidth RF Johnson noise thermometry. This 1mK sensitive probe of the electronic temperature allows to study the spatial dependence of thermal conductance and heat capacity of Dirac fermions.

Quantum sensors

Enabled by the remarkably low heat capacity and slow heat relaxation of its electrons, graphene is a promising material for sensitive thermoelectric applications down to single photon sensitivities. A graphene single photon detector consists of a graphene Josephson junction integrated into a photonic crystal cavity for enhanced light-matter interaction.